Anyone know of a popular fitness__workout routine

Like the title says, I am searching for any well-known and credited fitness website that I can visit now that I have started my membership at 24 hour fitness gym again. I’m hoping to look for one that has a user community,
active forums, tip, suggestions, workout routines and other advice in the quest towards a perfect body. Unless if anyone here knows of any solid and convincing workout routine that they know has worked for them, could you possibly simply link to me the workout routine or lay it out briefly, that could also be very helpful.

I am a 25 years old male looking to gain muscle and to achieve body mass.

Last time I went to the gym, I didn’t have the most organized workout routine and my workouts weren’t the most efficient because I didn’t feel good about that and in the fact that I was just all over the place, probably hence the reason I ended my gym membership. Now that I have renewed it, I look forward to committing to a real vigorous workout routine for myself that stages about 3-4 days a week, working out on places all over my body. If you guys have any suggestions, it would be very appreciated. Thank_you for your time

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