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What is the main factor that drives you to get fit? The Fitness Workout Guide tackles …. Better health? Better Lifestyle? Muscles?

Fitness Workout Guide
Fitness Workout

Attract the girls (or men – you decide!)? A Change of lifestyle?

For me it is the opportunity to improve my lifestyle. I want to increase my level of fitness, and adapt my diet to a more healthy one. Yes, I have had years of bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle so I am ripe for a change! I am looking forward to retirement and I want to remain active for many years. So my mantra is “Better health and fitness for a Better retirement” so picking the best workout guide is crucial.

So what is the story for you? Different age groups will have different aims but no doubt fitness will be an integral part of your new lifestyle whatever your goals.

Did you know? Juvenal back in Roman times said “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body). The Romans recognised what the WHO (report in 2002) has been saying in more modern times: that we are too sedentary and prone to too may diseases such heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Not an appealing thought?

So time to do something about it?

OK, then I am going to look a for a fitness workout guide as part of my lifestyle change. Where do I look? Well the Net is a good place to start with lots of sites available to browse. Hey, but that is a problem in its self. There is an Overkill of Information. So here is my checklist for choosing a Fitness Workout Guide on the Net. Look for each of these on each site you browse….

Fitness Workout Guide Checklist

a) Is there a schedule of plans and workouts – easy access to the information I need for my age and ability. Remember one plan / routine will not suit all.
b) Quality of information: Get what you pay for – as always do not plump for the cheapest. We are talking about your life here. Remember the old adage you get what you pay for!
c) Can I download routines off-line? You need easy access to the information.
d) Are the routines safe? Check for a Qualified/certified trainer! A certified trainer will know what is good – the last thing you want is too overdo the exercises and end up in hospital!
e) Caters for a range of skills and ability – will it work for me?
f) Check the price for affordability – can I afford?

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